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We're Jack of All Expertise ツ

We’re a team of sharks, branding and visual communication experts (of a more speculative sort) from around the world and are backed by over ten years of experience, wide range of awesome ideas related products and more empowering the startup and creatives business.

Creative Mercenaries

We put our skin in the game with you so we succeed when you succeed. It’s up to you how to coordinate our professional brand designers and startup consultant around the world that hired in your own digital work time and space 24/7, no hassle with lowest monthly/daily cost.

Dr. Frankensign's Lab

It about takes others brain to make a research with your crystal ideas and new sharp concepts, however, it doesn’t rocket science to keep your business two step ahead from the villain competitor and wake up your business before the early bird take off, well… maybe it’s a little bit rocket science.

Experts Backroom

Stop stabbing in the dark with your digital marketing strategy. Our inclusive digital growth hacking experts to ensure anything you’re covered. We identify goals, target opportunities, analyze competitors and outperform with diligent execution, As Bobby Knight once said, “Everybody has the will to win; few people have the will to prepare to win.” And winning feels good.

Social Mafia

We love to deliver your social media contents, ads and images, get sparkly and based on facts, not guts. We create strategies, analytics, dashboards, etc and Psst! with Zuckerberg grandma’s secret recipe, you have no questions how it’s work.

Need a Help?

Do you have a small business? wants to get free consulting and service at affordable prices from Trinova Alliance teams, or even for free (if it is an impressive business idea), how easy it is to send your small business story, and why do you need us. we would consider to be your help and make ourselves useful to your business.

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